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You'll find a wide range of art houses and galleries in Dubai City that will satisfy the most critical of art enthusiasts. Dubai art galleries may yet grow to rival those of London, Paris, and New York in the years ahead.

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Exploring Dubai's Art Galleries and Exhibitions

The lively and pulsating city of Dubai has just about everything you'd want from a short break or holiday destination. There are water parks, huge towers of residential blocks and hotels, luxury accommodation, beaches, hot weather and good food. But as you'd expect, Dubai's attraction's reach further than that. The city with so much culture does not forget the art lovers and artistic types that live throughout the world.

When art lovers come to Dubai they will have a big choice in art houses and galleries that are set up here inside the city. It is the contemporary scene that has really taken Dubai by storm and the international art fairs that take place from movements like the Art Dubai festival and the Art Season. really do impress.

There is a wonderful gallery called the Third Line which focuses on the art and culture of the Middle East. Regional and international artists have their work displayed here and much of it is a rich and potent mix of modern artistic values with an Arabic touch to it.

The Tashkeel Gallery in Dubai has only recently been opened and this gallery provides visitors with a chance to foster ties with other international artists and cultural organizations, developing an international dialogue and promoting creative ideas among us.

Another new gallery introduced to the Dubai scene recently is the Lawrie Shabibi Gallery where you’ll find broad artistic culture mixed in with contemporary art from emerging artists in the Middle East, North Africa and South East Asian regions. The Hunar Gallery has been opened quite some time now and has been a popular gallery to showcase Emirate art and Middle Eastern art including many works from up and coming artists. Hunar, is the Persian word for “art” and you will always find this gallery  hosting some kind of exhibition or another.

The Etemad Gallery has another branch in the Iranian capital of Tehran and commits to fostering dialogue between the cultures of the Middle East. The gallery believes that the culture of the Middle East is among the world’s leading ranks. You will often see a host of local up and coming artists as well as internationally renowned ones. The Etemad brings together the work from around the globe too featuring artists from all over Asia, Dubai and the Americas.

Carbon 12 is another new kid on the block when it comes to art galleries in Dubai. Like the Tashkeel and the Lawrie Shabibi galleries you will find Carbon 12 was opened at approximately the same time in 2008. Carbon 12 has already held more than 40 exhibitions since its relocation to the Al Quoz industrial area in 2009. You will find many contemporary and international artists here that represent a Middle Eastern form of culture.

If you love the lure of Middle Eastern artistic culture then do try and pay a visit to the Ayyam Gallery, which was originally opened in Syria’s Damascus and now has branches across the region in Beirut, Jeddah, here in Dubai and even one in the artistic capital of the world in London.