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Enjoy a high class shopping experience rivaling any you'd encounter in New York, Paris, Or London. Dubai shopping opens up a whole new world through stunning high tech malls and busy souks and bazaars.
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What's So Great About Shopping in Dubai?

I don't know about you, but one of the big things for me when I visit a new country is to experience as much as possible about life in that country. If you're on vacation, yes of course you want to see the beaches, enjoy the tourist attractions, sample the food and restaurants. But you can most definitely include shopping in that list too.

Shopping lets you get a feeling for the culture of a country. Plus of course you're going to want to be picking up some gifts for friends back home...or even for yourself if the cash flow situation allows. But shopping in Dubai isn't just for tourists - everybody shops, just the same as anywhere else.

So whether you're just visiting or a resident, if you love shopping you will definitely enjoy spending time shopping in Dubai with an experience that will rival that you'd find in London, Paris, or New York.

Dubai's Shopping Malls

Apart from all the markets or souks as they are called over here, there is a wealth of shopping malls that are home to all of the major fashion brands around the world. The Dubai Mall, for example, is one of the largest shopping centres in the Middle East region. Here you will find almost 450,000 square feet of fashion, accessories, shoes, jackets, trousers, bridal wear, jeans or top.

Fashion capitals around the world are often considered to be in places like New York, London, Paris and Milan but Dubai looks set to join this elite band of cities where fashion is king. If it's fashion that really interests you when you go out shopping then you must visit Dubai's Fashion Avenue where all the outlets are decorated with grandeur and modern funky designs.

It's not just clothing and fashion that you can buy in Dubai's several malls and shopping parades but items like artwork, cameras and photographic material. You can also purchase items like books, music CDs, sweets, chocolate, electronic devices, mobile phones, computers, tablets, gifts and craftwork.

Dubai's malls and shopping centres also cater for men's fashions as well as children's attire. The fashion range is often in European and Western style with Arabic fashions mixed in.

Home furnishing, health and beauty products and dry cleaning services are to be found everywhere across Dubai. There is no shortage of the best outlets in plush surroundings wherever you may decide to go in this big city.

Is It All About The Malls?

Dubai has a number of malls but also a host of atmospheric bazaars. In these bazaars you will experience a real feeling of Arabic shopping and trading. You may even be able to try your hand at haggling and you are certain to pick up one or two bargains.

And Whar Are Shopping Festivals All About?

The Dubai Shopping Festival is also complimented by the Summer Festival of Shopping. This is a festival that is held every summer between June and September. There there are summer sales on everywhere but beware the heat as you exit the malls. You will often be coming out into temperatures of up to 46c (116F) from a cooler 24c (75F) inside the malls and the sudden difference can cause glasses to steam up and a feeling that you have just walked into a steam room or a sauna!

The Daddy Of Them All - The Mall Of The Emirates

As you tour the shopping malls of Dubai be sure to pay a visit to one of the most endearing malls of them all - The Mall of the Emirates, where you will find opulence, polished marble flooring, designer stores and brands where many of the outlets don't even display price tags. For most of us it will be a case of look but don't even think of buying as many of the watches, mobile phones, cameras, jewellery and other accessories are often encrusted in diamonds and would be well out of most people's price range.
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