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Blue skies, the warm Arabian Sea, stunning beach clubs. Dubai beach has it all. Escape from the city and enjoy the beach in Dubai.
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With an abundance of man made and natural attractions, vistors to  the Emirate of Dubai are promised an experience of the highest quality. In the build up to the world Expo of 2020, Dubai is positioned to be the place to visit for millions.. But if you want to visit Dubai, where do you start?
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Beaches and Beach Life in Dubai

Officially the best time to head down to the beach in Dubai is around March and April time as this is when the humidity levels are at its lowest and the daytime temperatures resemble a warm Spanish summer heat. It is perfect for swimming when the heat bubbles at around 32c (90F) and the humidity is low and you'll find this time of the year when the beaches across Dubai are pretty busy, even at night.

Night time beach fun includes barbecues and dancing parties but alcohol cannot be consumed on the beach. If you head down towards the Dubai Marina area you will find the Habtoor Grand Beach Spa and Resort where there are a multitude of temperature-controlled swimming pools perfect for the children, and a number of water slides including small kiddies pools and there are many restaurants along the beach fronts where you can enjoy a spot of lunch at a Lebanese Grill, an Italian Pizzeria or a Chinese takeaway store. You will also find vendors selling fruit and there are many outlets ready to feed you tossed Mediterranean salads, perfect for that hot spring day in Dubai.

There are always more than enough sun loungers available for patrons to take and pitch up for the day while reading a book or sunbathing on the sunny beaches of Dubai.

Just 20 minutes walk up from the Dubai Marina you will find you reach the Club Joumana; here you will find golf, spas, saunas and a chance to swim in a huge temperature-controlled swimming pool. On this beach you can try a number of fun events like the paddle board surfing, water waves attractions and Jacuzzis just about everywhere. There is also a very pleasant bar area and many small outlets where you can grab a quick bite to eat or sit and dine right out on the edge of the beach front. The Club Joumana Beach is exclusive for hotel guests and residents and does not lead into a public beach at its end.

Club Mina Beach is a very large beach club that is a haven for Dubai holidaymakers that want to relax and soak up the warm Arabic sunshine. There are five swimming pools with one or two exclusively for the kids and all come complete with diving boards, bars that you can swim up to and barbecue areas.

If you fancy leaving the beach and waterfront area alone for a short while you can play badminton, tennis, volleyball, beach volleyball and mini golf here. There is also a long stretch of private reach that stretches on for just over half a kilometer and more than plenty of sun loungers for members to use.

But the most popular resort in the Dubai area is the Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa in Jumeirah 1, which is so large it will provide the holidaymaker with just about every facility you need to spend a great day out on the beach.
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