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From 4x4 thrill rides through desert dunes to high octane speedboats across Dubai Marina, Dubai offers a land of adventures. Fuel the memories with Dubai's adventure attractions - something for everybody which won't be forgotten.
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Adventure & Outdoor Attractions in Dubai

There is so much to do in the great outdoors that is Dubai. Who would want to be stuck indoors when the sun is shining and everything great about Dubai seems to be going on out of doors? One of the most popular attractions in Dubai that tourists, travellers and locals like to do is to visit the famous Dubai Fountains in the city centre.

Here, the water will shoot up as high as 500 feet and that's like watching a jet of water catapult to around a high rise building to its 50th floor!! Better still, you will have music accompanying the fountains and the water seems to dance with the music. You may well be wondering where you have seen something like this before; well you will have in Las Vegas - the famous water fountains that dance in time to the classical music has been entertaining the travellers, tourists and visitors to the Bellagio Hotel. Now their same creator has designed the fountains for the Dubai Performances that take place once a day on the 31-acre lake called the Burj Khalifa.

It is free to watch, it's fun and fantastic to see. The only critical thing about the daily performance is that it tends to be very short.

The Sheik Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding is an educational day out where you can bring the children and learn all about the local culture of the United Arab Emirates. There are many customs and religious programs that you can learn about that will make the whole family better understand the heritage of this city.

Nothing beats a great day out than swimming with the dolphins and a day out with these beautiful creatures has to be a must. Head down to Dolphin Bay for an experience of a lifetime and enjoy a day out with the most majestic of all mammals. The only drawback here is that you may find some of the packages a little expensive but you will have the option to enjoy a day out in the nearby Aquaventure Water Park.

Nothing beats the great outdoors than to visit the resort at Al Sahra where you will find an equestrian centre and a chance to ride horses around the huge ranch that you'll see here. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider you can enjoy the experience of the horse ride as well as a go on the camels too. The Camel Encounter program is very popular for locals as well as the visitors to Dubai.

If you really want to experience what the outside world is all about then you cannot get more outdoors than the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. It is a national park that covers about five per cent of the total land area of Dubai. Here you will find many birds, plants, reptiles and mammals and you can even stay in a number of resorts and spas that are located within the reserve.

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