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Eating Out and Fine Dining in Dubai

Dubai is a city of adventure, pleasure, activities and life but at three or four occasions every single day, we all need to eat and eating out in Dubai is a particularly pleasurable experience. You can enjoy fine dining or eating out in the local markets and trying some of the more traditional foods and world cuisine, it really is all there and the choice is breath taking.

Fine dining comes at a price but it’s an experience you will never forget if you decide to enjoy a culinary treat at the Burj Al Arab. You do not have to be a hotel guest to dine here but it would be wise to book into the Al Iwan Restaurant with its succulent Arabic dishes that tend to have a strong North African influence. You can even dine right up on the top floor of this luxury hotel that boasts the accolade of the world’s only seven-star hotel.

The restaurant on the top deck is the Al Muntaha, which is more popular with the tourists because of its stunning views of over the sea and the cityscape of Dubai.

If you prefer not to push the boat out with a fine dining experience, then why not try some of the cheaper street food? There is a very busy Shawarma house serving Lebanese foods just outside the Satwa district of Dubai, where you can sit outside and watch the world go by on a warm Dubai evening. Just a reminder that if you want alcohol served with your meal, you will have to sit inside the restaurants.

It is even possible to cruise through the streets of Dubai on a small boat that will hold diners and party goers while it drifts through The Creek. What better way to dine in style with succulent Arabic foods and see Dubai’s city centre at the same time.

You could also try out many of the small cafes and restaurants in the area around the old quarter of the city. The Bur Dubai is a place where you can find peaceful courtyards, shade, things for the children to do and sip mint teas or eat a Mediterranean salad. This is an excellent place to come and relax while having a spot of light lunch as well as reading a book or catching up on some work on your laptop.

If you want to dine with some music and you are missing that blues music sensation, why not head down to the Novotel World Trade Centre on Zabeel Road 2nd, where the Blue Bar offers a bit of jazz, some funky blues and a place to dine and relax until three in the morning. It is also a popular nightspot where revelers can sup beer from Belgium and nibble on some spicy chicken wings while sat up on a bar stool. If you prefer to sit in more comfort there are several couches that patrons can sink deep into.

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