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Dubai Attractions

Dubai Landmark Attractions
Dubai is littered with stunning man-made developments - landmarks that will stand out in the memory for a long time.

Here's a list of the different landmark attractions you might want to visit in Dubai, you  can visit Tripadvisor for visitor ratings and rankings.
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All About.....Dubai Landmarks

Many cities are defined by landmark developments and architecture, something that Dubai has in abundance. The most celebrated landmarks in Dubai will take pride of place among any in the world.
There is little doubt that Dubai plays a whole host to a variety of structures, monuments and world renowned buildings. You will find that several buildings here have that modern look to them but still manage to maintain that important Islamic feel to its architecture.

There is no doubt that no building in the world is more famous now than the iconic Burj Khalifa (this is also known around the world as the Khalifa Tower), now by a long way the world’s tallest man made structure.

Officially it is just a few centimetres shy of 830 metres, which 2,722 feet. That’s about half a mile high! The Khalifa Tower was built as one of the last tall buildings that began during the years of the construction boom in Dubai, which started around 1988. The boom years started taking off at pace in the 1990s and accelerated during the early 21st century.

It is outside here where you will see the Dubai Fountains, but any visit to the Burj Khalifa Tower cannot be completed until you have gone to the top and looked out of the observation deck. But do try and book your visit in advance here as there is a daily swarm of tourists eager to come and look out and see what the city of Dubai looks like from half a mile up.

The Dubai World Trade Centre was once a very tall building but has now been dwarfed by many in its path. It was built in 1979 and many see this iconic building as the one that started it all.

The tall buildings of Dubai also include the Princess Tower, which was completed only recently in 2012 and is a large residential building that has a staggering 101 floors. Another recently built residential tower is the 87-storey Elite Residence. This building recently took over from the 23 Marina as the tallest all-residential building.

The Marina boasts staggering luxury though, with each room having its own personal elevator and the tower itself boasting some 57 swimming pools.

The Almas Tower is the tallest office building in Dubai with 68 floors. But the tallest hotel in the world can also be found right on the shoreline in Dubai and it is known as the Burj Al Arab. It is possible to play tennis on its top floor and with its 60 floors of luxury; it is regarded as the worlds only seven-star hotel.

The Infinity Tower is one that will impress onlookers as it appears to have been twisted by a giant hand. One of the most impressive features of the landmarks of Dubai is the outstanding world class architecture that has gone into building these great structures. There is always a feel of the Arabic world about them, or something Islamic in its features.

Many of the top structures built in New York, Los Angeles and Florida were designed by world leading architects that were employed by Dubai’s building industry to come up with buildings that would certainly impress.
Landmarks & Key Buildings In Dubai
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