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Whether on vacation or in normal day to day living, a visit to a spa for some pampering adds an extra dimension to your day. Spas in Dubai stand up there with the best on offer in any major city.
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With an abundance of man made and natural attractions, vistors to  the Emirate of Dubai are promised an experience of the highest quality. In the build up to the world Expo of 2020, Dubai is positioned to be the place to visit for millions.. But if you want to visit Dubai, where do you start?
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Wellness & Spas In Dubai

Staying fit, looking young and feeling healthy is something you can easily achieve when you come to Dubai. There is a lot of emphasis on wellness, wellbeing and fitness for everyone in its many spas, gyms, saunas and centres for working out. All of them are naturally air conditioned to keep you cool in the intense heat that Dubai can so often produce; so you can work out without overheating.

The Amara Spa at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Dubai offers massage services, facials, anti-cellulite therapy, back treatments, and aromatherapy. Although the treatments are highly rewarding you will have to dig deep into your pockets to pay for some of the luxury treatments served up here, but you will certainly feel a whole better after the treatment is over.

Shapes Wellness and Spa is a health club, sauna and spa centre that helps visitors and locals to lose weight, feel healthier and generally experience a sensation of all round wellbeing.

There are also many large open parks that are ideal for joggers but you’ll not see anyone running in the summertime as the intense heat forces those runners to head for the air conditioned gyms and spas.

While in Dubai you may want to check out Rixos Royal Spa where you can experience a number of water rituals, full body massages, therapy, beauty and skin treatments.

There are also a number of luxury spas and treatment centres in Dubai which include the Cinq Mondes Spa Centre where you can relax and get pampered while staying at the hotels and residences in Palm Jumeirah.

The Dubai Pearl offers visitors and locals a chance to try out some holistic therapies which include specialized programs to heal the body and mind. One can even come here to experience a detox and cleansing therapies, moreover you will receive some sound nutritional advice and energy healing.

Here you will find a sauna and steam room as well as receiving advice on rebalancing and other holistic therapies. There is a sports centre and leisure complex right next door at the Dubai Pearl for those who prefer more traditional workout sessions and spas.

Cleopatra’s Spa and Wellness Centre is located in the Wafi Mall in Dubai where you can experience pampering and Egyptian style bathing just as the queens of ancient Egypt once enjoy. You will certainly experience a spa like no other here with gold baths, spas, Jacuzzis, and a number of steam rooms where you’ll enjoy the Egyptian way of being massaged.

The Lotus Wellness Spa in Dubai is another relaxing centre where you can ease away your worries and rest your senses. The spa helps those to balance the mind and body and leaves the visitor with an experience of total tranquility. You really should try the Lotus Wellness Wrap for just AED 300 or the 30-minute foot massage for AED 175 and you will be guaranteed to come away from your visit feeling new, refreshed and well again.

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