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Dubai is perfectly situated for visitors from different continents. Just 5 or 6 hours flying time from many European cities and around 3 hours from those of some parts of India and the Middle East.

Flying in is obviously the most popular way to get to Dubai and enjoy a short break, find work, or just marvel at some of the attractions. But flying is not the only way to reach a destination that's part of a larger continent. Depending on where you're starting from, you'll find there are a number of different options for any traveler looking for how to get to Dubai.

By Plane - Flying To Dubai

Flights in are the most popular way of reaching Dubai for external visitors. Dubai airport has over recent years cemented itself as a hub for travel within the region and as a stopover for longer distance flights, and a wide range of airlines run scheduled and charter flights.

Most visitors entering Dubai will land at the main Dubai International Airport, though it's also possible to get to Dubai via airports at Sharjah or Abu Dhabi and then take a taxi or drive. There may be some visa requirements to satisfy depending on your country of origin.

By Car

Unless you're traveling within the Emirates region, getting to Dubai by car is not as easy as it sounds. There is only one international border situated at Al Wajajah on the route to Oman. Permits for entry would be required from any resident but expatriate entering from the Omani side, visitors do not need a permit.

By Bus

Entering Dubai by bus from an international perspective is a limited option, but you can use bus transport from the other six Emirates to get to a number of locations within Dubai itself. There is a bus network run by the Dubai government which serves to link the capitals of the other Emirates with those locations in Dubai City.

There is an international service which runs from Oman to Dubai. Run by Al-Khanjry Transport, the service runs from the Ruwi Terminal in Muscat to al-Rigga in Dubai.

By Boat

There are two ways to get to Dubai by boat - the luxury way and the not so luxurious way.

The luxury way is obviously by cruise ship. Cruises to Dubai run from various locations around the Gulf and further afield. Cruise arrivals will enter Dubai via the international cruise terminal sited at Port Rashid.

The other option might be harder to find and probably involve a lot less comfort. Dubai is a trading hub for different countries in the region, and you'll find many Dhows docked in Dubai Creek. You could try speaking to one of the captains to find out if hitching a ride (for a fee) would be an option.

Dubai sits in a perfect position for visitors from Asia and Europe, and this makes getting to Dubai fairly straightforward once you've got the finances in place.
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