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On an open top bus through the city, or a 4x4 through desert dunes, or a breezy ride across Dubai creek - Dubai tours won't disappoint. Experience the most popular tours in Dubai for some unforgettable memories.
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With an abundance of man made and natural attractions, vistors to  the Emirate of Dubai are promised an experience of the highest quality. In the build up to the world Expo of 2020, Dubai is positioned to be the place to visit for millions.. But if you want to visit Dubai, where do you start?
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Tourists and sightseers who come to Dubai will have so much to see in this marvelous city of the future that often the only way to get completely around it and see the best of Dubai, is to go on a sightseeing trip or organised tour.

Just as in London, Dubai has an open top tour bus that you can ride around in. The difference here in Dubai is that the open-top tour buses also run right through the night as well.

Dubai is just as magical at night, some places very much more so, as it is in the day, so touring around the bright lights on a warm or sometimes hot evening in Dubai will be an experience you will never forget. Just remember to bring your camera with you!

Both the day tours and the night tours have a running commentary in ten different languages available and you can hop on or hop off as many times as you like once you have purchased your 24-hour or 48-hour ticket.

It is also possible to go on a tour boat up The Creek. This waterway runs right through the heart of the city and there are even sightseeing tours where you can sit down and enjoy a meal or a snack while your boat ambles slowly through the creek where there is a vibrancy of life along its banks.

On the outskirts of the city, much of the land becomes national park area and even desert. Sightseeing Dubai desert tours will take you out to the desert where you can see many of the animals and wildlife that roam freely in the national park - a trip around the sand dunes on a 4x4 vehicle to show you what the real Arabian Desert looks like up close.

A typical sightseeing tour around the city of Dubai would include a visit to all the major landmarks and buildings that have made this city the most talked about metropolis on the planet. You will see the Dubai Creek and then visit the Gold Souk, which is marketplace selling jewellery and precious metals, as well as a place to buy gold at cheap rates.

You will pass the Spice Souk, another market where you can buy anything from saffron, rosemary, cinnamon, thyme and cumin for all your culinary needs. You will stop off at the Dubai Museum, the Jumeriah Mosque (which lights up majestically at night), Burj Khalifa, the Palm Atlantis (where there are islands made up into the shape of a world atlas) and the Burj Al Arab Hotel, the world's only seven-star hotel.

As well as dune buggy tours visiting the desert and the sand dunes on the outskirts and beyond the city of Dubai, you can also go and visit the city by dhow, where you'll get the chance to experience the way fishermen and tradesmen have been going about their daily lives for the last few hundred years round here.
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