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Just one hour flying time from Dubai, the Sultanate of Oman is perfect for an eye-opening vacation in its own right. Experience an unspoiled taste of Arabian life and  the attractions of Oman
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Discovering Oman On A 2-3 Day Road Trip

Just one hour’s flight from Dubai, Oman presents a welcome break from the glitz and glitter of the city. If Dubai is a heavily made-up courtesan, Oman is an unspoilt, virgin beauty. One of the best ways to find out about Oman is on a road trip from Dubai to Oman.

The best way to begin an appreciation of any destination is with some visual images, so here are a couple of great videos I've found. They start to give an idea of the attractions you can encounter in Oman.

This first video is designed to give an engaging and true to life account of Omani life and culture. It shows the country as it is - steeped in history where traditional Arabic ways of life exist, but in tandem with a modernisation program designed to enhance its position as a potential rival tourist destination to the attractions of Dubai.

The video displays Oman's tourist attractions in depth, beginning with a view of the coastal capital Muscat and leading us around 250 km into the desert interior. We'll get a great look at the Hajar Ash Sharki (Eastern Stone Mountains) and Jabal Al Akhdar (Green Mountains) mountain ranges.
Straddling the Indian Ocean with a coastline of over 3000 km,  Oman offers visitors the chance to sample an authentic and natural encounter with Arabian culture and geography.

Oman has breath-taking landscape and fascinating culture, it's considered to be one of the most peaceful countries of the world, and offers things of interest for all kinds of visitors.

The country caters to adventure traveller with wide range of activities like four wheel drives across scenic roads and desert sand dunes; rock climbing, abseiling, caving, and canyoning, and marine activities and water sports. For those not the daring type, turtle watching and visits to wildlife parks promise ultimate pleasure. Turtle nesting tours at Ras al Haad and Ras Al Jinz bring visitors face to face with nature in its pristine form.

Muscat’s souks represent the culture in motion, because in these colourful market place timeless tradition echoes through modern conveniences of life. The fragrances of the spices, the colourful Bedouin jewelleries, the Omani daggers (khanjar) make the souk experience other worldly. Besides souks, there are impressive malls, café, museums and grand hotels to make the city travel enjoyable. While still in Muscat one may partake of the beauty of grand mosques such as Sultan Qaboos, enjoy a show at Royal Opera House or take a tour of Omani French Museum.

In a short trip of 2 to 3 days one should include the following attractions in the itinerary, besides the sights and sounds of Muscat, to make the Omani experience most memorable for life time.

Jebel Akhdar. Just ninety minutes away from Muscat, this delectable camping site with its cool climate is not to be missed. The journey in winding ancient pathways interspersed with ancient villages is an experience in itself. You must have two hours for the trek and exploration of the natural beauty of the place which being surrounded by mountains, and dotted with caves and terraced fields, offers great views. The heavily laden pomegranate trees are a feast for the eyes.

Nomadic desert camps at Wahiba sands offer the kind of experience unknown to most of us. It tries to recreate the Bedouin desert life for the modern traveller in the most authentic way possible. In the camp of palm leaf huts simple creature comforts and fresh food, Arabic coffee and water is provided to make your overnight stay comfortable. The campfire experience amid by the changing colors of the desert with occasional sighting of the rainbow is unforgettable. The next day morning’s camel ride in the desert sands will complete your camp experience.

Wadi Bani Khalid offers many tourist delights just 3 hours away from Muscat. Follow the winding road up the mountains and then downwards until you see the first oasis. This wadi offers many fascinating swimming, mountain hiking and picnic options. The view of the Sea of Arabia at the fringe of the wadi is breath-taking. 

Oman boasts of miles and miles of beautiful windswept beaches. In some areas, the rugged mountains plunge directly into the sea which remind one of the Fjords of Norway.

For more info on Oman visit the official Oman Ministry Of Tourism website.  The image of Oman below is supplied courtesy of the Oman Tourism Board.

Here's another (shorter) video displaying the Sultanate of Oman in its glory. Great images of a country with history over 6000 years, an abundance of natural attractions and stunning vistas, and fascinating culture. 
About Oman
Click here for some more stunning images that will show you what Oman is all about. If Oman is not your cup of tea, and you'll be more interested in the city architecture of Dubai then you can read all about how to get to Dubai - including from Oman itself - on the dedicated page.