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If you're visiting Dubai on a short trip or vacation, there will be no shortage of great places to stay. Dubai accommodation ranges from the cheap to the sublimely opulent and expensive, with everything in the middle an option too.

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Dubai Attractions
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Hotels, Villas, Apartments, Resorts - Exploring Accommodation In Dubai

Dubai is one of the world’s leading cities in opulent living and luxury accommodation. Whether you stay in a hotel - and there are more than a few luxury hotels here - or whether you rent out an apartment, you will be sure that you are going to be staying in style, luxury and high living.

Hotels range from cheap two star hotels to the height of luxurious five-star accommodation. The Burj Al Arab stands apart from any hotel in the world as the most opulent and luxurious you’ll ever encounter; it is ranked as a seven star hotel despite the ratings only going up to five. Whereas Dubai's version of the Bahamas Atlantis - The Hotel Atlantis Dubai - will give you luxury, excitement, and family fun all wrapped up in a resort type environment.

A typical two star hotel, like the Ibis Deira City Centre Hotel, will set you back around £105 ($168) per night. But just because it says two stars, you can still expect great service and a certain level of comfort and services provided.

Three star hotels, such as the Centro Barsha, offer a little more luxury and a price tag around £118 ($180) per night to stay. Dubai is all about comfort and living the high life and when you stay at a four star hotel like the one at the airport called The Dubai International Airport Terminal Hotel, you can expect to pay in excess of £200 ($340) for a night’s stop over here.

However in Dubai you can expect the very best hotels to provide a service of the very highest quality. Here in the four star hotels expect fine dining, spas, gyms, exfoliation rooms, car hire services, concierge and swimming pools available to guests.

The five star hotels, such as the Radisson Blu Hotel in the Deira district of Dubai, will provide all of that and much more. Many five star accommodation hotels would provide butler services just for you, but with a price tag of around £260 ($400) per night, you’d want nothing less than to be treated like royalty.

Everyone that stays in the 470-plus hotels in Dubai are treated just like a VIP, so you can expect a warm welcome and a luxurious stay when visiting the city.

But what if you were looking to buy property in Dubai? Living here and investing in the city does not come cheap, but we know you’d have already guessed that. Many millionaires and celebrities have bought property here, mainly for investment purposes but to give you some idea of what you would expect to pay if you wanted real estate in Dubai, then I can tell you that to invest in a one-bedroom apartment in the city can cost close to half a million pounds, that’s about $800,000!

But many one bedroom apartments on the outskirts of Dubai, such as the Al Warsan district may cost around £60,000 ($100,000) to buy outright, which is not bad as an investment either. Moreover, we have seen a stunning roof top flat with two bedrooms in the Knightsbridge Court complex in Jumeriah Village for a little over £100,000 ($160,000) and there is a sauna and gym to use for residents too!

Once you're safely ensconced in your chosen Dubai accommodation, there's an awful lot of choice for things to do. The video below takes you on a journey through some of Dubai's major attractions that are well worth enjoying.