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An enjoyable alternative to flying, cruises offer a laid back way to get from A to B. Dubai cruise deals offer a leisurely 'holiday in itself' way to reach Dubai's attractions.

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Cruise to Dubai - How To Find The Best Cruise Deals

The central location of Dubai on the world map makes this iconic city one of the most favoured to be included in a cruise tour schedule. Dubai serves as a kind of gateway to the Far East and can just as easily take you through to the Mediterranean and the seas of Europe.

One of the more popular cruise routes is a six week long trip that begins in Dubai and ends in Hong Kong. The same route can also be taken in reverse, so you'll begin your cruise in Hong Kong and end up in Dubai.

Cruise ships arrive and leave from Port Rashid which is not too far from the Creek but you will need to take a short taxi ride from the port gates. Once you arrive here and your cruise liner has moored up you'll be able to see the many fascinating sights that Dubai has to offer. You will see a number of luxury hotels, fancy restaurants, mosques, shopping malls selling the latest in designer clothing, and miles upon miles of sandy dunes.

When your cruise liner arrives in Dubai it will have come round the Gulf of Oman and into the warm seas of the Persian Gulf. Once your stay in Dubai begins you will wonder how you will find the time to see all the sights this city has to offer.

Most cruise line passengers go for the biggest attractions like the Palm Jumeirah, an artificial archipelago with villas, hotels, restaurants and beach clubs built on the sea. You will also want to see the world's tallest man-made structure in The Burj Khalifa, a staggering half a mile high where you will be able to watch the once a day extravaganza known as the Dubai Fountains. You would have to go to the top to see the view from 160 storeys up!

Be sure also to visit the World Islands, Burj Al Arab, often referred to as the world's only "seven star hotel." Cruises from the east will have often taken in places like Shanghai, Xingang, Pusan, Hiroshima, Tokyo, Hon Kong, Manila, Singapore, Yangon, Abu Dhabi before ending up in Dubai. Arriving in Dubai is the ultimate experience in cruising from the Far East to the Gulf States and Dubai.

It is the culture of the Middle East and Arabic peoples that will fascinate visitors and cruise liner passengers so much. The scorching hot weather around the Persian Gulf will make your cruise to Dubai all the more enthralling and all cruise ships will have an opportunity to take full advantage of this with its balconies, open top sun lounge areas, swimming pools and several large open spaces.

The nightlife aboard the cruise liners also offer Broadway style shows with theatre, casino and bars aplenty. Cruise ships are packed with several restaurants, exercise gyms and areas where you can sit and relax with a bit of peace and quiet.

Below you'll find a series of 3 videos shot by a holiday tourist on his cruise to Dubai. It take in the sights and sounds of the cruise liner itself, with some good insight into the kinds of views of Dubai you'll get from on board an approaching cruise ship.