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Dubai's city based entertainment and hospitality attractions are not all the Emirate has to offer. Enjoy a holiday or short break with a difference by staying in any of Dubai's first class desert resorts.
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Revealing The Leading Desert Resorts In Dubai

We all know about the plentiful luxury resorts that grace the beaches along the Dubai coastline with the warm Persian Gulf waters lapping onto the soft sand. But Dubai's resorts can also be found tucked away inland and out in the desert region. The resorts out in the desert offer the visitors and guests a level of peace and tranquility and even a chance for romance in any of the gracious places to stay here.

Take the Al Maha Resort for example, you will find yourself out in the Arabian Desert with palm trees, magical dunes and a soft sandy desert landscape. This resort will showcase the way of life lived by the people of the desert - the Bedouins. This resort and many others just like it are an escape and an oasis in the middle of the hot Arabian Desert landscapes. The service you will get is first class and the amenities are as good as any you'll find down on the beach resorts.

The Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa is another typical resort in the desert which is situated on the city's fringe, just far away enough to be clear of the hustle and bustle of the city but deep enough in the desert to give the guests a real feel of the Arabian Desert dream. Just one quick tour around the fringes of this glorious resort will take you back in time to the days of Lawrence of Arabia or Sinbad the Sailor with the sandy, orange buildings, Bedouin tents, camels, sand dunes, and camel keepers walking around in Arabic headdresses.

The most startling feature is the open air roof top restaurant and the huge luxurious rooms. All the suites have private balconies, satellite television and a high speed internet connection. If you look closely at the amount of resorts in the Dubai Desert region you will be amazed at how sumptuous and luxurious they all are. Each resort competes against another to be the most splendid, comfortable and stylish spa resort in the desert. This all of course makes the customer the winner each and every time as the resort teams strive to make your stay one where you will be treated like pure royalty.

It's not just about going out for a nice meal and sleeping in ultimate luxury that staying at a desert resort in Dubai is all about, but there are many other activities you can indulge in to make your desert stop over one to remember. Resorts like the Desert Palm Resort in Dubai offer a chance to go horse riding in the dunes, or go on a white knuckle ride in a 4x4 jeep in the middle of the desert and among the dunes.

Desert resorts also offer an opportunity to hold weddings, birthday parties or celebrations for that special event. Many businesses also use the desert resorts as a getaway retreat from the city to focus hard on the business and tasks that are ahead.

The video below shows a tour of the suite and verandah of the 5 star Al Maha Resort set in Dubai's desert. The suite is designed along a traditional Bedouin style. The verandah has a pool overlooking the desert which is host to oryxs, gazelles, camels, and the Al Hajjar mountains in the distance.