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Exploring Dubai's Finest - The Dubai Mall

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Revealing The Leading Attractions In Dubai - The Dubai Mall
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Dubai Attractions
In the heart of Downtown Dubai stands The Dubai Mall, the stunning shopping and entertainment destination that has attracted around 120 million visitors over the last two years.

A visit to The Dubai Mall makes a complete family outing and a satisfying day trip. You may also visit Burj - which is part of the complex - within the scheduled entry hours.

The shopping experience is not only world class, it is unmatcheable. The fashion avenue with 70 haute couture stores and also cheaper designer brands is a fashion lovers ultimate Mecca.

If you can’t find it here, you will find it nowhere else.

A huge chocolate tree embedded with colorful lollipops stands 10 meters wide in the centre of Candylicious, the biggest sweet shop of the world. It offers mouth-watering confectioneries one may not find anywhere else.

The pleasures of visits to the aquarium and underwater zoo, the waterfall and the Olympic-sized ice rink, the water front Atrium, the huge cheese-cake factory,  combine to create an experience that is second to none. These are the places which compensate and make the trip worthwhile if you've gone for a day out rather than spend wads of cash.

The aquarium is really stupendous with very big fish and sharks. A leak occurred in the aquarium forcing the mall to evacuate shoppers in February 2010. While water gushed out of the 10 million litres of water, fortunately none of the 33,000 sea creatures escaped.

The mall experience is also enhanced by a visit to 76,000 sq ft  SEGA Republic, an indoor theme park, with its entrance in the second floor. Visitors can enjoy over 150 amusement games; there are a lot of prizes to be won by players of all ages.

The ice rink promises great fun for visitors of all ages, especially children. They can skate, snow board and do a lot of things. There are instructors for the visitors. I have seen kids with no previous ice skating experience doing spins and skating backwards at the end of the day.

But it's not all good news.

On weekends the mall gets overcrowded which can cause some annoyance. Some shoppers have also found the layout a bit confusing. There are sometimes inadequate direction signs. Many visitors find the shops utterly expensive despite the duty free price tags.

Another criticism is that despite the impressive array of shops and attractions the mall is really soul-less. Many visitors to the mall with food on their agenda have found the place a huge disappointment during the Ramadan holy month, as selling food in Dubai is banned before sunset during that time.

All in all though, the attractions of the Dubai Mall far outweigh the few negatives. If you visit Dubai, the Mall is one place you really must experience.

The video below takes you in and around the Mall and gives a great taster of what you can expect to see.

You wouldn't believe it if it wasn't Dubai. This mall attracts more tourists in a year than even the city of New York!

It's the world's most visited destination - a flagship development that saw the footfall of over 75 million visitors in 2013.

Its size can accommodate 50 football pitches. It has 9 million sq ft of prime shopping space with more than 1200 stores, 22 cinemas, the world’s largest acrylic panel that houses the aquarium, the gold souk with 220 retailers, a sweet shop covering 10,000 sq ft area, 120 restaurants (including Armani Café) and so on and so forth?

Yes the mall is of megalomaniac proportions. When you're visiting Dubai and want to buy any type of luxury item, you'll be  
twice as likely to buy it here than anywhere else.

The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping, dining and entertainment complex in the world; a truly stunning destination with the musical dancing fountains and views of Burj Al Kalifa - the world’s tallest tower - in the evening all adding an extra touch of magic to the experience.

For more detailed info on directions, stores, and what's on visit The Dubai Mall official website.
Starting in mid 2013 and due to finish at the end of December 2015, the Dubai Mall is undergoing a massive expansion designed to prepare it to be able to handle over 100 million visitors annually.

The expansion will take place in phases, adding another 1 million square feet to floor space. It'll grow the fashion store portfolio and bringing in up to another 150 flagship big name brands.

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