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Hi, my name's Steve. I'm the proud owner and author of most of the content you'll find on this site, and the creator of the website itself.

The 'reason to be' of is to present information on the many tourist attractions you'll find in the Emirate, alongside all other types of info you might need for getting there, staying there, and getting around. There are sections of flights and cruises which will help with the getting there, pages on holidays and accommodation, and other useful information on local transport and car hire.

But that's not all. Dubai is evolving into not only a fascinating world class tourist destination, but a hub for all types of activities from business through shopping through to high quality sporting events and activities . I'll be aiming to cover different facets of each of those. There will be plenty to write about - its popularity as a tourist destination is assured in the run up to the World Expo of 2020

They're all reasons for visiting the region, and if you're here to find out about Dubai's attractions with the aim of visiting at some point, you may well want to know which events and developments are under way during your visit. You may well also want to know about Dubai itself - the history, its rulers, useful contacts, weather, and landmark locations.

I've owned the domain name since around 2005 or 2006. I can't believe why I've sat on it so long before developing into a working site. It's the ideal domain for an illustration of just how far Dubai has come, a showcase for it's stunning developments,  and just how it has evolved into a truly world class destination.

About Steve

You'll probably guess from reading through the content here...I have a deep fascination about Dubai!

For me, I think it's the mix of east and west. The feeling of modern meets ancient. The promise of a future which sees Dubai held in high esteem as a location which satisfies every tourist need, which leads the world in infrastructure development, which is revered in the sporting world as a world class sporting destination, and which demonstrates to the world how all this can be delivered in a sustainable way and in harmony with the environment.

A place where you can sample all the luxuries of the Western world, but stray a little and step into an Eastern world which appears at odds, but actually the two compliment each other perfectly.

This may seem strange, but actually I don't live in Dubai (I wish I did). I have of course visited many times, and the plan is to move permanently at some point.

At present I live in England - a small village in the middle of England called Packington, to be precise.

I'm married to Beth, we have a wonderful son named Will, an adorable cat called Jack, and there's been a recent new addition named Cookie - a boisterous Beagle puppy. I also have two older children who I'm extremely proud of - Lewis and Chloe.

I've been building websites for some time now, and have a couple of successful technology sites online, plus a site about one of my other passions - winning money. Yes, I'm a betting man - but careful with it luckily!!

This last named is growing well, but it sure takes a lot of time. I do hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew by starting a site on Dubai. There is so much to cover, and so much growth still to come.

I do hope you'll contact me if you have any questions about the site or in particular if you'd like to contribute or if you can't find something that you need to know. I'll always get back to you, and will do whatever I can to help.

Just see the contact details on the contact page and drop me a line.

Well. That's enough for now. It's heading towards the end of 2014. Let's see how DubaiAttractions has grown by this time next year!

I'll end up here with a great video. Take a look. It's a stunning time lapse video of some of the great elements of Dubai you'll encounter if/when you visit.

Dubai Timelapse from dimid on Dubai Attractions.

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