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Our favourite Emirate has plenty to offer in the way of adult entertainment, but as you'd expect from a leading holiday destination there is no shortage of things to do in Dubai for kids.

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Top Attractions For Kids In Dubai

It's great when there's just the two of you (or one of you) and you can chose where you want to go and what you want to do, worrying only about your own needs. It's equally great - in a different way - when you have kids to worry about. How do you find enough things for them to do, keep them from becoming bored or frustrated, and prevent them from ruining your stay in paradise? Children do not like the same things as adults do, so when you gasp in awe at a desert sand dune and a starry night, your little one will be pining for something to do, and may not stop crying and playing up until they get their way.

Fortunately there are wide range of attractions to see and plenty of things for younger children and adolescents to do which will prevent them getting bored and stop them putting a spanner in your holiday in Dubai. So, when in Dubai with the family, take your kids down to the Active Sports Centre in the heart of the city where you will find a chance for your younger members of the family to get some exercise and they'll have the chance to make a few new friends too. There are so many different kinds of sports going at the centre that there's bound to be one that will suit your sporty child.

If your child is under six years old the best place to bring them is KidsVilla - a centre where children can learn, have fun, play games, make new friends and generally keep occupied throughout the day. KidsVilla also offer children the opportunity to dance, play musical instruments, supervised cooking, workout at a children's gym and do some painting or artwork.

KidsZania is another huge complex that has an entertainment centre, a small town where children can drive around in toy cars, meet new friends and live like an adult. KidsZania is a place where children can live in a fantasy world and emulate what it's like to be an adult. They can go off to work in a play pen that looks like an office and drive around in toy vehicles to get to their destination in the mini village. The centre is ideal for children from 1 to 16 years old and is very educational in teaching a child some of the things that adults do (obviously not our bad habits though).

Dubai also has a soccer academy which is a place to nurture up and coming stars of the future. Boys and girls can learn the profession of becoming a possible Premier League footballer and playing in some of the top level leagues in Europe here, and the academy can be attended by rising soccer stars from the age of just five years old.

You will also find many adults at the Soccer Academy too, as everyone loves a good kick around. The location of Soccer Academy Dubai is at the Mirdiff City Centre. If you have young girls in your family then the Café Ceramique is an enlightening place to take your young madam. Here she will be able to paint a number of different ceramics in many different colours. It is certainly a place for the more artistic leanings in your child to be stretched.

Every week there are events and attractions laid on especially to keep the kids entertained. Timeoutdubai run a weekly page on their website listing the next week's family events.

This video shows just a handful of the attractions in Dubai which are either suitable for or designed especially for kids.