Dubai is going to be attracting increasing numbers of visitors over coming years. If you're one of those potential visitors, you're going to be interested in deals on Dubai flights.
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Hundreds Of Flights To Dubai Per Day - From & To Just About Anywhere You Can Name!.....

With Dubai’s rising status as a cultural hub for tourism and relaxation - and its position as a perfectly placed stopover point for long haul flights - it’s no wonder people from all over the world are flocking to this beautiful coastal city. In the next few years and the run up to the 2020 World Expo, it's a certainty that tourist and business visitor numbers will only increase.

Some estimates put the figure at 80-90 million per year by 2018. The numbers of flights to Dubai will need to increase exponentially to keep pace, and as of early 2014 this is being reflected in flight volumes for individual months, with a 4% increase in flight numbers from the same period in 2013 - that's over 29000 flight movements a month to and from Dubai airports.

By 2015, Dubai will very likely be knocking London's Heathrow off the top spot for flight and passenger numbers.

Of course, there's no shortage of flights right now. With flights continually arriving or departing from Dubai - and the airport now being one of the busiest in the world -  there are plenty of options available. It all adds up to great news for travelers arriving or departing by air, and anyone looking for valuable flight deals or offers.

No matter where you are flying in from, seeing Dubai as you approach is nothing short of breathtaking. Stretching 5.5 kilometers into the Arabian Gulf, Dubai’s Palm Island, shaped like a palm tree, is not only an awe inspiring site from aircraft, it can also be seen from space.

While Dubai’s amazing coastline is a wondrous sight, if you are lucky enough to be approaching in a plane at night, the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain will quite likely light up your way.

Over the past few decades, the Emirate has built one of the best logistic infrastructures in the world. So with the expansion of the existing International Airport, and the emergence of the new Al Maktoum International Airport, 2014 will see an increasing number of flights to Dubai on the airline schedules. The result is likely to be seen in some great prices on Dubai flights from various regions.

Who Flies?

Most of the major airlines have flights to and from Dubai. Carriers range from Delta to Southwest to American Airlines for the US, British Airways and Pegasus for the UK, Qantas for Australia, and just about every other major global airline thrown in.

In fact there are approximately 130 different airlines operating flights in and out to around 220 different destinations. That adds up to a lot of planes and flights - close to 6000 weekly.

One airline that is consistently making big headlines in flight and aviation news is Emirates.com, the International award winning airline of Dubai. Just about the fastest growing airline in the world - doubling in size every few years - they've won hundreds of awards for excellent Customer service.

For any flight in or out, they're worth checking out. Starting operation in 1985, Emirates Airline now travels to over 106 destinations across six continents. And with the new partnership with Virgin America, travelers can enjoy convenient access to  Emirate's gateways in the US.

Flights in and out of Dubai with Emirates.com operate using one of the most modern fleets of aircraft including A350, A380, and Boeing 777s, with up to 800 aircraft flying to destinations on every continent each week. The fleet numbers around 190 planes, the envy of many other global operators. You'll surely see Emirates.com featuring heavily in the #MyDubai project which is running throughout 2014 to build up a pictorial autobiography.

On the low cost front, FlyDubai.com offer a similar service to EasyJet, Ryanair, and other no frills low cost operators. Their fleet runs out of Terminal 2 at Dubai's International Airport.

If you want to arrive for your Dubai holiday or short break by air, there's a danger that with so much choice you could end spending more time looking at schedules and flight prices than actually thinking about the different tourist attractions you'll want to enjoy!

Flights From America To Dubai

With access to Dubai from most major US cities on major airlines, Emirate Airline has flight routes directly to and from Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Boston, New York, and Washington, D.C.

With pricing that can fluctuate depending on the time of year you choose to fly, you can expect most flights to start out around $900. Flight time to Dubai from these destinations will also be from 16 to 18 hours.

...And South America

Emirate Airline also has flight routes to South America. Serving Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Buenos Aires. If you are traveling from South America to Dubai, Expect prices starting around BRL 3800.00. Also expect flight time to be around 15 to 20 hours.

Dubai Flights To and From Africa

If you are traveling from Africa, options are plentiful here also. From the North you can find flights out of Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli. From the South, Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg. From the East, Khartoum, Addis Ababa, and Nairobi. From the West, Dakar, Abidjan, Lagos, and Luanda.

Expect price flights to range from XOF 86800.00 to ZAR 7700.00, and to DZD 56200.00, depending on the region. Flight times will also range from 5 to 10 hours.

Flying To Dubai To And From Major Asian Cities

If you are traveling from Asia, flight options are just as plentiful. From outlying Tokyo, Seoul, and Beijing, to the island cities of Jakarta, Manila, and Singapore, flights are always available. Expect flights to price from JPY 57600.00, SGD 676.00. Flying times will range from 10 hours leaving Tokyo, to 7 hours leaving Singapore.

Traveling By Air From Australia

Traveling from Australia, travelers have numerous options along Australia’s coastline’s alone. Routes from north to south along the eastern coast include starting points from Horn Island, Cairns, Rockhampton, Brisbane, and Sydney. There are also routes from the outlying island towns of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Queenstown. To the west, routes include Port Hedland, Geraldton, and Perth.

Expect flight prices from around AUD 1775.00 leaving Sydney in the east, to AUD 1759.00 leaving Perth in the west. Allow flight time from 10 hours to 14 hours.

European Flight Options

To Dubai’s north, Europe also provides many options for travelers. Major routes include starting out at aitports in Glasgow, Dublin, Manchester, London, Stockholm, Moscow, Prague, Vienna, Barcelona, Madrid, and Athens.

For UK residents, flights to Dubai are likely to be on British Airways or Emirates.com but these are just two of five different operators running a total of over 130 weekly direct services. If you fly with Emirates you'll most likely be on board an Airbus A380

Expect flight prices around EUR 597.00, to GBP 440.00. Flight times will also range from 5 to 8 hours. With the time difference being either 3 or 4 hours from most major European cities, it's unlikely that jet lag will be a major problem.

Middle East Countries To Dubai

Traveling within the Middle East, major city starting airports will include Kabul, Tehran, Cairo, Beirut, Basra, Sana’a, and Riyadh. Expect flight prices from USD 469.00 to SAR 865.00. Traveling within the Middle East obviously brings down flight times drastically. Expect flight times of 2 to 4 hours.

Booking A Dubai Flight

Unless you're a business traveler - or money is no object - most likely you're going to want to be looking for the best deals on any flights. There are a number of websites online where you'll be able to see or compare prices for the best deals.

More often than not it's worth looking for combination deals - accommodation and flights together. It's possible to get big savings this way, but equally you'll find that sometimes putting together your own package separately can work out cost effective too.

Further below you'll find a full list of airlines offering flights.

Booking direct with the airlines can sometimes result in good deals, and does occasionally open options for flight times that you can't get elsewhere. But often one of the best ways to get great deals on flights or accommodation for any destination - and Dubai is no different - is through travel or flight comparison sites.

These comparison sites have grown in importance and number over recent years. You'll know most of the names already - Kayak.com, Sidestep.com, Cheapflights.com, Opodo, Travelocity, Expedia, Ebookers, Farecompare.com, Travelzoo, Travelsupermarket.com (to and from UK only). Priceline.com, Flightnetwork.com, Lastminute.com, Netflights.com (to and from UK only), Zuji.com (Hong Kong).

Farecompare in particular carries some great articles giving all types of travel tips. There are many more.

The excellent travel reviews information site TripAdvisor also gives you a search option, though the results will normally come from a selection of those mentioned above. One good point to remember about this is that you get to see a number of results from different operators (Travelocity, Expedia and Hotwire) side by side, helping you compare prices even more effectively.

Each of these offer interfaces where you select dates and where and when you want to fly - and they'll either go off and search their own databases or return a comprehensive list of flight (plus accommodation if you chose that search) options pulled from sources all over the internet.

Three Great Tips For Getting Good Deals On Flights

1. If you can, try to book your flight roughly 21 days before you want to fly. The 21 days before timing could ensure you get in to take advantage of price drops because the flight isn't filling up quickly enough, but before airlines put up the price for late-comers.

2. Try to fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday. They're traditionally days which see the cheapest flights, mainly because less people in general want to fly on those days.

3. Shop around and make sure you compare flight prices. See the section above for names of useful travel comparison websites. 

What's The Best Time Of Year To Look For Flights?

With such a desirable high class destination, flights are popular throughout the year. But in the summer months of July and August it does get exceptionally hot. This is the time you're likely to see more special deals on flights or accommodation/flight packages.

In the cooler high season months between November and April prices are likely to be at their highest. This is the time when many events are running, making tourist visits even more popular.

Outside of these two periods the weather is generally on the hot side. There's plenty to do in Dubai at any time of the year so if you do see what looks to be a good deal outside of low or high season, be sure to check it out.

Flying Business and First Class To Dubai

Whether you are flying into Dubai to take a well earned break, attend a business meeting, or perhaps just stopping over en route to your final destination, you will be pleased to learn that it won't cost you a mortgage to fly in on a first class seat or a business class flight with all the luxury extra leg room that comes with it.

There are a number of airlines that will do good deals on business class flights and first class seats on its routes into Dubai. The ones we found to be the least expensive were Ukraine Airlines, Austrian Airlines and Egypt Air.

Flying in from Europe can take as long as 6 hours and 50 minutes to seven and a half hours, so you will want to make sure your journey is as comfortable as possible so you do not arrive in Dubai jet lagged or tired. Also worth remembering is that there is a four hour time difference between Western Europe and Dubai, so a seven hour flight would mean you arrive some 11 hours after you left - time wise.

If you are coming to Dubai on business then you would want to arrive here in the kind of condition where you can happily conduct your meeting or do your work while still feeling reasonably fresh and comfortable. Air France and KLM also both do good deals on business class travel going from most parts of the world into Dubai.

Great Stuff To Enjoy After Your Flight Arrival

Flights to Dubai will land (until the new Al Maktoum International airport is operational) at the current Dubai International Airport

Arriving in Dubai will also be an experience in itself. Dubai’s International Airport’s Terminal 3 is touted as the world’s largest building in the world by floor space at over 18,440,000 square feet, handling over 43 million travelers a year as of 2013. This multi-level underground structure includes first and business class lounges, restaurants, 180 check-in counters, and a 2,600 car parking area.

Concourse A, part of Terminal 3 also boasts one 4 star hotel as well as one 5 star hotel. It also claims the largest first and business class lounges in the world. Two open air garden areas are also accessible.

Terminals 1 and 2 are not to be outdone though. With numerous business centers located around the airport, Terminals 1 and 2 provide, prayer rooms, a gym, showers, spas, a swimming pool, and internet and games facilities within the international transit area. Lounging areas providing children’s play areas and television areas showing movies, news, and sport’s channels are also available.

To keep things running smoothly, all terminals of the airport are equipped with immigration processing and scanning facilities. All terminals are linked by underground tunnels.

Terminals 1 and 3 handle around 95% of international flights, with a direct connection between the two so that airside passengers can move with freedom and not worry about needing to go through immigration checks.  Terminal 2 is at the opposite end of the airport from 1 and 3 and handles mostly regional and international flights routed to other airports in Iran and Saudi Arabia.

For those of us lucky enough to hold executive status there's a dedicated executive terminal, with its own check in and arrival facilities

So after your flight to Dubai arrives, or while you're waiting for an outbound one, be sure to take some time and enjoy the sights and sound of Dubai International Airport. Maybe grab a bite to eat from one of the many food shops located in the airports retail area.

Either way, your trip to Dubai is sure to begin with a journey inside a journey.

Just below are three great videos which demonstrate what flying in or out of Dubai is all about. They're focus is on the flying experience that goes with the Airbus A380, but we must remember that's not the only plane in the skies. There are plenty of other modern jets flying over the Arabian skies.

The first is about Emirates.com's inaugural Airbus A380 flight from Dubai to Los Angeles, the second a much shorter flight from Dubai International to Dubai World Central, and the last gives you a taste of what it's like to actually fly on an A380.

Of course, in addition to these you'll find plenty more videos related to Dubai flights on Youtube.
This article was contributed to heavily by Anthony Elizondo. Anthony writes on a number of different subjects, in fact there's been nothing yet that I've been able to throw at him that hasn't resulted in superb content for one of my websites, including on other pages here on DubaiAttractions.com.

If you want to contact Anthony to discuss a writing assignment, I can put you in touch. Just email me. You can find my contact details on the contact page.

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Flights To Dubai
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Dubai's Airports Fight For Top Spot In Global Traffic Numbers

It's well known that visitor volumes passing through the International airport are rapidly increasing to a count where local air traffic will be the highest in the world. During February of 2014 the volume of air traffic visitors increased again for the seventh month consecutively - that's 600,000 more visitors in 2014 than for the same period in 2013.

From a year to date perspective, the Emirate has seen around a 13% increase in the first months of the year compared to 2013, with the biggest bulk of those from India, followed by Western European countries, Australia, and other Asian regions.

Of these, Australia is making its mark as the biggest growth market, growing by some 30%, much of this due to recent developments in partnership with the Australian carrier Qantas.

Eastern European countries and North America too are getting in on the act, with both seeing an increase in numbers of visitors from those regions.

Flight Developments & News