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If you're looking for a birds eye 'see as much as possible' experience of Dubai, then seeing its attractions from the air will tick all the boxes.
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So you can see that one quick - and truly exhilarating - way to see as much as possible in the shortest space of time is from up above. That is why there are many opportunities to see Dubai from the air in a small plane, helicopter or air balloon.

Whether you are in a helicopter or a hot air balloon, seeing Dubai from the air is one of the most amazing sights you will ever see. Part of your trip will take you over the Dubai Marina where you will be able to see The Creek and the all the expensive boats that are moored up in the small harbours, the tops of some of the business and residential district's huge structures.

You will also be taken over the top of the Emirates Golf Club and Palm Jumeira. From above you will see just how wide and fascinating the road systems are, some of the tallest structures (particularly those in the Dubai Marina) that will seem to be almost touching distance away from your hot air balloon and the amazing golf course along with many other green spaces and parks you will see across this vast city.

You will find yourself so close, yet so far from the razzmatazz of the city and its vibrant life. It is almost as though you are experiencing a magic carpet ride through the Arabian city of the future as you gawk down on the tall structures, fascinating beach resorts and long and winding road systems.

You will also be able to take a ride and see Dubai from the air where the desert region of the city is located. Here you will see an emerald green oasis or two, gazelles, camels wandering around the desert, and in the background some 50 miles or more inland you'll see the beginnings of the Hajjar Mountain range.

The magical part of seeing Dubai from the air is that you will often be doing the trip in superb weather with clear blue skies, warm sunshine and a soft desert wind.

Many of the balloon rides do not operate in the summer because of the intense heat, so the best times to go up in a balloon in Dubai and see the wonders of the city, the Marina and the desert is to go between the months of September through to May. Most operators do not take up balloons or helicopter rides on Fridays, as this is the day of prayer in the Emirates.

It is also possible to book your helicopter ride or balloon journey experience from your hotel or residential tower concierge, and you will often get picked up from your hotel by staff members who are working for the hot air balloon companies and taken to the site where the launch takes place. The time you will spend up in the air is usually about an hour.

This video was shot during a helicopter ride, taking off from the Atlantis Hotel on the Palm. Some of the attractions seen in the footage include the Jumeirah Palm, Burj al Arab hotel, the World Islands under construction after flying over the Persian Gulf, skyscrapers on Sheikh Zayed Road, and the QE2 ocean liner parked at Dubai port.
Dubai Jumeirah Beach From The Air
Exhilarating Aerial Views Of Dubai
One of the major fascinations of Dubai is the way the city has been transformed in a relatively low number of years from a desert town to a sprawling metropolis that looks like a city from the future.

Many of the buildings here are so tall and so elegant that it will take you all day to see the sights by a tour bus or a boat trip through the Creek.

The image to the right shows the buildings in the Jumeirah Beach Residence area.