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An inspired project by the Ruler Of Dubai - Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum - to harness the proven power of social sharing networks and display Dubai's national pride to the world
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#mydubai - Illustrating Dubai & Its Attractions To The World

For a city that already features in world news and guides as a regular contributor to ' best in the world' headlines, you might think that Dubai has no need for further promotion as a leading global tourism and business hub.

But Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum - the man responsible for leading Dubai to its exalted position and who was instrumental in getting it to win the hosting of a World Expo in 2020 - has more ideas.

In what may well prove to end up as a masterstroke piece of promotional foresight, the Sheikh has set up Dubai to gain even further exposure on the world stage with a project known as #mydubai.

What Is #mydubai?

#mydubai is the brainchild of Dubai's ruler. It's a year long project kicked off in January 2014 that's designed to give the general public - the residents of Dubai and its visitors - an avenue to build an autobiography of a city. Put simply, the project involves anyone and everyone who wants to say or show something about Dubai posting that information on social sharing sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Sheikh Hamdan said that the main goal of the project was ''to show the world the beautiful lives, unique identity and true culture of the city that lie beneath the urban and technological advancements''.

The plan is stunningly simple but likely to be amazingly effective, and has the potential to be a promotional idea which will reap rewards for Dubai and its development for years to come. For the residents of Dubai, it's a chance to display the pride they must feel in their homeland, and become true ambassadors for the city which has become accustomed to superlatives.

The end result is surely going to be even greater world exposure for a city which is already heavily featured in global development news.

How Will #mydubai Work?

The sheikh unveiled his plan first via his Twitter feed @HamdanMohammed, inviting the world to begin posting content - real human stories of the city of Dubai using images and videos - using the hashtag #MyDubai on to the different social channels.

The Sheikh himself kicked off the project by sharing a photo of the Burj Khalifa on Instagram and Twitter. As an indicator of the power of social sharing, those posts resulted in reportedly over 70,000 shares on Instagram and Tweets nearing 500.

Further early posts from individuals approached 30,000 in just the first few days of the project.

There are promises of special events and activities to be set up throughout the year to support the initiative, which will be co-ordinated by a dedicated team set up to manage and direct the contributions.

The Dubai tourist agency - Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing - will be selecting  posts and displaying the best of the photographs and videos seen on its own social media channels. You can find the DTCM Facebook page at Definitely Dubai, while their Twitter and Instagram feeds are known as @definitelydubai. You'll find the official website at DefinitelyDubai.com.

The video further below is among one of the first #mydubai videos to be posted on Youtube.

Here's a link to the #mydubai Youtube feed.

Here's the link to the #mydubai Twitter feed.

Here's the link to the Facebook #mydubai feed.