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Exploring The Attractions Of Dubai - Up & Coming New Attractions

If you're visiting Dubai in the near future, you won't be short of attractions to enjoy. But in a real case of 'you haven't seen anything yet' there's plenty more to come.....
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The six existing Legoland parks across the world are among the most visited and most loved. This new Legoland venture is destined to be a massive draw for tourist and local UAE visitors alike. Six different themed areas over three million square feet with around 15000 different Lego structures built from around 60 million Lego pieces will see to that.

Over 40 rides and features across six different themed areas will appeal to both adults and kids of all ages. The areas include Lego City, Lego Kingdom, Lego Factory, Create, Miniland, and Lego Adventure.

Bollywood Park

Visitors from India to Dubai are growing year by year, with the Emirate being a popular tourist destination from the Indian subcontinent. The Bollywood Park is designed to appeal not just to Indian visitors though, with fans of Bollywood movies the world over expected to join the entrance queues. At Bollywood Dubai you can expect to experience rides and attractions based on movies, actors, and scenes made popular by the Indian Film industry.

New Six Flags Theme Park

If you're an adrenalin rides fan then the name Six Flags is one you're likely to know well. With multiple theme parks in the US, they're one of the leaders in the field.  Now they're coming to our favourite Emirate with a park - to be situated in Jebel Ali -  that's planned to be completed in 2017.

IMG World's Of Adventure

This 'one entrace fee, no more to pay' indoor theme park is set to be one of Dubai's top attractions for kids during the long hot summers. Fully air conditioned and able to take up to 20,000 visitors per day, it'll be able to offer an enticing respite to the Dubai heat and become a central part of Dubailand which attracted 11 million visitors in 2013.

At over 1.5 million square feet, it promises superb entertainment with some stunning interactive, immersive, and themed rides, including the first Ben 10 3D cinema in the world and rides/models based on other Marvel and popular cartoon figures.

The park is due to open at the end of 2014 and  will be found in a convenient position midway between the two main Dubai airports.

The world's of adventure seems set to rival other major global theme park locations with such attractions as the Lost Valley, working on a dinosaur theme with roller coasters and life size prehistoric exhibits. Plus a cinema complex with no less than 12 screens. 

The Dubai Frame

A stunning 150 metre structure in the shape of a giant window frame which will be sited in Zabeel Park. The 'window' will be made of clear glass, presenting a view from one side through to various well known modern landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa and others, and from the other side on to more historic views.

New Heritage Project At Hatta

We've noted further below that there are different types of tourism. One of the fastest growing is in Eco friendly developments. With this in mind, it's not a surprise to see a new plan for a near 30 million AED project in the Hatta region.

Covering an are of over 90000 square feet, the Heritage Market & Inn developments is going to be built in prime position on the route from Dubai to Hatta and the Hajjar Mountains - complete with restaurants, shopping facilities, and an entertainment complex.

The project should be complete by the end of 2015.

The Champs-Elysees in Dubai

The autumn of 2014 is likely to see an announcement of a major new development - in the shape of a possibly 1km long replica of the famous Champs-Elysees of France.

Aladdin City at Dubai Creek

Stretching out about 500m into the Creek, this stunning project is already under way for its first phase.

Ultimately Aladdin City will look just as you might imagine - an architectural masterpiece of ancient looking buildings you might come across in the old Arabia of the 10th and 11th centuries.

The three towers leading one by one further over Creek waters will house offices and hotels, with views out towards other iconic structures such as the Burj Khalifa.

Dolphinarium Swimming Pool in Creek Park

A new Dolphinarium Swimming Pool in Creek Park is set to be completed in March to let visitors swim with dolphins in a 4.2 metre-by-7.3 metre pool. The new development includes a reception area and separate changing areas for men and women.

Parks & Parkland

Everyone recognizes that having sufficient open areas of parkland in any developed city serves to increase its attraction for visitors and residents alike. Dubai already has its fair share of public park areas, including two public beaches, four pond parks, 33 residential parks and 58 public squares. Over the next few years there are 5 known planned developments of parks in Dubai - in Satwa, Lusaili, Mankhool, Muhaisna 3, and Al Warqa 4.

Satwa Park

-Thiswill be known as the Satwa Reservoir Park and is intended to be the first to be powered by solar energy


- To include running and walking tracks, recreational areas including sports facilities, and a childrens playground.

Palm Park

- a planned botanical development which will showcase up to 5000 types of palms.

Holy Quran Park

- Scheduled for completion in 2015, the Holy Quran Park is situated in the Al Khawaneej area of the city. This promises to be an interesting cultural attraction, based on the Quran. It's intended to become a showcase for many of the plants mentioned in the Quran, with exhibits and information about the properties and significance of those plants and trees. As such it will offer a spectacular introduction to the Quran itself, demonstrated through a series of related attractions spread over 64 hectares - including children's parks and play areas, gardens, fountains, desert region reproductions, lakes, and walking/running/cycling facilities.

Miniature Park

There are a number of famous miniature parks in the world, but it seems certain that the one proposed for the Emirate is going to be the biggest. It's planned that this miniature city will feature replicas of all of the major iconic buildings such as the Burj El Arab and the Burj Khalifa.

Safari Park

Want to see up to around 1000 animals in reproductions of their natural habitat? You'll get the chance when the replacement for the Dubai Zoo - to be known as the Dubai Safari Park - opens in the Al Warqa area of the city in 2015. This park will be spread over an area of 120 hectares, eventually offering 3600 parking spaces. The park will be made up of different areas including both Safari and Arabian villages.

More New Attractions Projects Heading Towards 2020

Other upcoming attraction projects include:

•  The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library
•  Dubai World Park
•  Dubai Maritime Museum
•  Crocodile Park
•  Fish Market
•  Replicas of Traditional Souks
•  The Wetland Centre near Ras Al Khor flamingo park
With plenty for visitors to see and do already, you might think the Dubai authorities could take a rest from creating new attractions for tourist visitors. But the Emirate has lofty ambitions to become the leader of global tourist destinations by the end of the decade.

The target is realistic, but to achieve that distinction it's clear that the momentum needs to be maintained. There are a whole raft of new attraction projects under way for the future ......
•  Dubai Attractions
Revealing The Top Ten & More............

New Attraction Projects

This video takes us on a time lapse journey around Dubai and gives a pictorial taste of the way that new attractions in the emirate will develop.

Dubai Parks & Resorts - New Theme Parks

This massive project could end up being the daddy of them all as far as Dubai is concerned. Theme park attractions are big the world over, and come the end of 2016 you'll have a difficult choice between Florida, Paris, and Dubai for where to go to get your fix of big theme park fun and entertainment.

When the resort is completed it's expected to attract between three and five million of us a year to each of its elements

Situated in Jebel Ali, this new development will deliver a combination of three theme parks - Motiongate Dubai, Bollywood Parks Dubai, and Legoland Dubai. There's talk of a fourth named Riverbank which will act as a focal entrance point for the others.

The Riverbank complex is planned to be a 120000 meter square area offering eating areas, shopping, and entertainment facilities, all built around a kilometer long canal with restaurants, cafes. Water taxis will act as ferries from point to point on the canal. Visitors will be able to stay at the Lapita Hotel.


Motiongate is a great name for the movie inspired element of the development. Think Hollywood and Dreamworks and you'll get the idea. Four different zones spread over a reported four million square feet, one of which will be dedicated to the Smurfs movies. This is Disneyworld in Dubai, with a Sony Pictures studio thrown in another individual zone where you'll find rides based on such well known movies as Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Underworld, Ghostbusters, Zombieland, the Green Hornet, and Hotel Transylvania.

Overall Motiongate Dubai will deliver 27 different attractions, plus multiple shopping, eating, and entertainment facilities.