Dubai Public Holidays

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We all like a free day off, don't we? But when you're a visitor in a luxurious destination, public holidays can mean extra things to do, or even restrictions in what you can normally do in certain circumstances.
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Public Holiday Dates In The Emirate

Public holidays in the Muslim world - and certainly those in Dubai - are slightly different to those seen in other countries and regions. Sure they're holidays when you'll find special events as extra sources of entertainment, and there may be some changes to services such as public transport options and local government services, but the big difference is whereas many of us expect our public holiday days to be set each year, those in Dubai can vary depending on local moon movements.

This uncertainty can cause some minor problems with planning, especially if you're planning a tourist visit to coincide with one of them. Fortunately the rough dates are known in advance. This page details the planned Dubai public holidays for 2015.

Before we look at a list of holiday dates for the year, it's worth understanding what role the moon does play in determining the actual days. This reliance on the moon is caused by the Hijri Calendar, which is based on lunar phases. It's this calendar which is traditionally used to determine the start dates of religious holidays such as Haj or Ramadan.

1 Jan 2015 - New Years Day

3 Jan 2015 - Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday

16 May 2015 - Israa & Miaraj Night   (exact date may vary)

18 Jun 2015 - Start Of Ramadan  (exact date may vary)

17 Jul 2015 -  Eid Al Fitr 3 Day Festival (exact dates may vary)

14 Sep 2015 - Hajj  (exact date may vary)

22 Sept 2015 - Arafat Day

23 Sep 2015 - Eid Al Adha  (3 days, exact dates may vary)

15 Oct 2015 - Hijri New Year's Day (exact date may vary)

2/3 Dec 2015 - 2 days, UAE National Day

The video below shows one of the main firework displays held in celebration of National Day in 2014, one of the most widely anticipated public holidays for Dubai residents and visitors alike. You'll find a number of other videos about different public holidays in the Emirate on Youtube, and of course Twitter is also a good source of up to date public holiday information.