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Adrenalin-Filled Adventure On The Dunes
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Dubai Attractions
If you're visiting Dubai you won't want to miss out on a trip into the desert, and one of the most popular desert atttractions is the Big Red sand dune. Climb in a 4x4, or for extra adrenalin rush make the ascent in an open Quad Bike.

Exploring Dubai's Finest - Big Red

The video above gives some great views of the desert surrounding Big Red as seen from a Quad Bike ride.
With sides steep enough to compare to a Black Ski Run, it is very popular for locals, especially on public holidays and Fridays. With that in mind, especially if this is your first time trying any of these activities, this would be a great time to practice on some of the smaller dunes in the area. Local guides are available to show you the way if you feel a little unsure.

When looking to get out to Big Red and participate in the fun, there are local bus tours, and smaller tours, that go to the dune a couple of times a day. It’s best to book these tours a few days in advance.

There are also shops along the way where you can rent quad-bikes, 4 wheelers, and even boards made just for sand boarding. So if you are adventurous enough, there is nothing to stop you.

While Big Red is sure to be packed on public holidays and Fridays, there are still sure to be hundreds of 4x4s and people out on the dune at anytime. Many of the locals like to come out and just relax while watching the adrenaline-fueled fun unfold.

So get out and enjoy the natural beauty of Big Red and the surrounding dunes, and don’t forget to take plenty of water also.

The following video entitled 'Going Up Big Red' is on the short side and a little shakey but shows a 4x4 ascent. There are plenty more Big Red videos on Youtube.

If you are looking for a little outdoor adventure and adrenaline rush while in Dubai, you have to visit Big Red. Known locally as Al Hamar, Big Red is situated in the In the Rub-al-Khali desert,the perfect place to get some 4x4, quad-bike, and sand boarding action in.

Getting its color, and name, due to a high iron oxide content, Big Red is a natural 100 metre/300 foot high sand dune located about 30 minutes south of Dubai. Traveling down Dubai/Hatta Road (E44), or Oman Road (E66), and Big Red is hard to miss.
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