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Where & How To Buy Carpets In Dubai

Dubai Shopping - Buy Carpets In Dubai

Potentially one of the great bargains you could return home with from a Dubai trip, carpets can be great value in the souks of the Emirate. If you do want to buy a carpet though, it's worth learning beforehand about what to look out for, and where best to go to make your purchase.

Exploring Dubai's Finest Attractions - Buying Arabian Carpets

No one wants to be taken for a ride with any type of purchase, and it's no different with buying carpets and rugs.  If you're looking into buying a carpet when you're in Dubai you'll very much want to be aware in advance about what to look for and what to think about.

You could argue that's no different to other purchases you may make such as buying gold in Dubai or diamonds, but actually it may be a little more tricky with carpets unless you're an expert. I do remember stopping off at one of the carpet 'showrooms' on a drive from Dubai to Oman some years ago. We had no clue what constituted real quality in a carpet, so just went on instinct and price. We were happy with the purchase, and it's still in great condition now, but the truth is we could easily have regretted it.

So it will help if you know a little about buying carpets before arriving in Dubai. The quality of a carpet is determined by the number and density of knots per square inch, the quality of the dyes used,  and its origin.

Silk carpets are generally considered the most valuable, as well as handmade Iranian (Persian) carpets where natural dyes are used instead of synthetic dyes.

Where To Buy Carpets In Dubai

If you have an idea of what makes a good carpet or if you aren't that worried about getting the "real" thing then you could buy a carpet in Dubai from almost anywhere. You'll find men loitering in car parking lots offering you "genuine" rugs and  carpets, if you buy from these sellers then you cut out the middle-man, the store, and can get even cheaper prices. Of course the down side is that you could never return the carpet, get a receipt or be sure of the quality.

Alternatively stick to Dubai carpet retailers where you'll be more confident of getting what you pay for.

Your best bet for finding reasonably priced carpets in Dubai is to visit the markets. The souks offer a wide range of good quality carpets at fair prices but remember you can bargain. It is definitely acceptable (and expected) to bargain over the price of carpets in Dubai. If you want to be even more confident of the origin and quality of your carpet then skip the souks and go straight to the more expensive stores in Dubai malls.

In Dubai Mall you can visit the Tehran Persian Carpet and Antique store; you'll find the National Iranian Carpet at Souk Al Bahar; the Persian Carpet House at the Souk Madinat Jumeirah, and in the Mall of Emirates Asala Antiques & Handicrafts sells carpets.

In addition there are high street carpet stores in Dubai. If you can make an excursion to the Blue Souk in Sharjah then you will find the biggest range of quality carpets there.

The al Juma Souk also called Masafi Friday Market (which is open all week long) on the Dubai-Fujairah Road is a good place to pick up Afghani and Pakistani rugs and carpets as well as other carpets.

The video below was actually shot in Saudi Arabia, but the carpet buying principles would hold for Dubai too.
Long before Aladdin flew in on his flying carpet the Middle East has been the source of exquisite, top quality carpets.

The craftsmanship, materials and the intricate patterns used are all signs of a good Arabian carpet, with Arabian culture and heritage being reflected in the workmanship and intricate designs.

Many carpets you find in Dubai were made in the immediate vicinity of the city by local artisans but you can also find carpets from Iran, Turkey, Kashmir, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan. 

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The video above and to the right shows some of types of carpets you'd typically find in dubai stores. In this case it's filmed inside the Mehreen carpet store.