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Exploring Dubai's Finest - Jumeirah Mosque

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At the centre of places to worship for followers of Islam, mosques are often elaborately constructed affairs. The Jumeirah Mosque does not disappoint on this front, and holds a place as one of the most visited landmarks of Dubai .
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Officially opened in 1978, the Jumeirah Mosque is the only Mosque in Dubai that is open for non-Muslims to enter. While anyone is free to visit the Mosque and take pictures from the outside, to enter the Jumeirah Mosque for a tour that will allow you to take pictures inside the Mosque, you should visit The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding.

From here a registered guide will take you on a 1 ½-hour tour of the Mosque and hold a question and answer session at the end of the tour. So not only will you be able to tour and take pictures from inside this beautiful Islamic structure, the tour will also allow visitors a very rare glimpse into the country’s religion.

The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding looks to raise awareness for local customs, traditions, and culture, as well as bring people together from all nationalities. It's an important focal point for understanding the culture and history of Dubai.

While visiting the Jumeirah Mosque is a great way to learn about Dubai’s religious heritage and get some great photographs, visitors are asked to respect the traditions and culture by being mindful of their dress. Long trousers for men and log skirts for women are appropriate dress for the tour, as well as scarves for women.

The Jumeirah Mosques’ focal point is based on the concept of ‘Open Doors, Open Minds’. With this in mind, a visit to the Jumeirah Mosque is sure to do both for any visitor.

Built in the Islamic Fatimid style of architecture, the Jumeirah Mosque is known as one of the most photographed landmarks in Dubai.

When you witness the striking shadows that the Jumeirah Mosque casts in the evening hours, with its pure white minarets and domes, it becomes very apparent why so many visit the Mosque for a chance to capture its beauty.

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The image above is supplied courtesy of Wikipedia, who carry a brief article on the Mosque on the Wikipedia page - while the Youtube video to the left is a brief one containing some stirring images both from outside and within the mosque itself.
And this final video focuses on the stunning architecture within the Mosque itself - a fitting monument to Dubai's development, culture, and history.