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Exploring Dubai's Finest - Jumeirah Mosque

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At the centre of places to worship Islamic religion, mosques are often elaborately constructed affairs. Like the Jumeirah Mosque, the Grand Mosque Dubai does not disappoint on this front, and sits squarely at the forefront of cultural and historic life.........

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If you're interested in getting to see the Grand Mosque in the flesh, you'll need to be heading towards the Creek area of the city where you'll find it nestled between the textile souk and the Dubai Museum  the Bur Dubai area.

In 1960 the Grand Mosque was actually demolished and rebuilt completely. Once again in 1998, the Grand Mosque underwent further rebuilding to become the structure that stands today. The most recent structural work was intended to exhibit the architectural integrity of the original 1900 structure. Now with the capacity to hold 1,200 worshipers, the beauty of the Mosque’s architecture makes it a top Dubai attraction for tourists.

The Grand Mosque is home to the tallest minaret in Dubai. The minaret is where the Mosque crier would call people to prayer. It also features forty-five small, and nine larger domes in traditional Arabic style. These domes along with the minaret are what covers the Mosque’s roof.

In keeping with the old town feel of Bur Dubai, the Grand Mosque’s wooden shutters, sand colored walls, and beautiful stained glass, are a wonder to see at night as the Mosque is illuminated by many custom lights.

While the interior of the Grand Mosque is off limits to non-Muslims, visitors are allowed to walk the grounds and take pictures. Visitors are also encouraged to dress conservatively and to observe all local customs while visiting the Grand Mosque.

Being one of the largest Mosques in the area with such a rich history of religious culture and architectural design, it’s no wonder the Grand Mosque is a main attraction for tourists.

Originally built in 1900, the Grand Mosque was built for students to learn about, and to recite, the Qur’an. Classes for children to learn to recite the Qur’an from memory where especially important.

The Grande Mosque stands as Dubai’s dedication to the regions religious and cultural life.

Interestingly, since 1900, the Grand Mosque has gone through two extensive rebuildings.

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