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Exploring Dubai's Attractions - Al Shindagha

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At the core of the city of Dubai lies the Al Shindagha neighbourhood, an area that played home to the Ruler of the Emirate for over 40 years. 
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This video to the right takes you on a tour of the Heritage Village in the Al Shindagha district.
While most people today would think of the iconic Burj Khalifa when discussing the modern center of Dubai, the Al Shindagha neighborhood sits amongst the modern skyscrapers and bustling Emirate as a testament to Dubai’s cultural heritage. This lasting historic area of Dubai was once home to the then ruler of Dubai Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum from 1912 to 1958. The ruler’s past residence now stands as a public museum.

With Al Shindagha being situated in the midst of the thriving metropolis that is Dubai, there are countless world class hotels and restaurants nearby for residents and visitors to enjoy. With that in mind, here are a few things that visitors to Al Shindagha can look for.

Shindagha Tunnel

The Al Shindagha Tunnel is an underwater tunnel that runs 500-meters in length and connects the areas of Al Shindagha and Deira. Serving over 55,000 vehicles a day, the Al Shindagha Tunnel serves as the country’s only underwater tunnel running underneath Dubai Creek. Built in 1975, this four lane tunnel is an important link for the residents of Al Shindagha.

Heritage Village

Heritage Village is prime example of the commitment Dubai has made to keeping the regions traditions and culture alive. While Heritage Village is home to the Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum Home Museum, there are other attractions that showcase the regions culture, such as exhibitions that pay tribute to the regions past as lucrative pearl traders, as well as potters and weavers that practice their art at barasti stalls. The Heritage Village is also a great place to take in authentic Persian cuisine.

The Heritage Village is great way to get acquainted with the region’s customs and traditional arts.

Dubai Shopping Festival

A very busy time in the Heritage Village, for a month through January into February, visitors can take in the beauty of traditional wedding ceremonies, carnival troupes, traditional games and local bands. True to its name, the Dubai Shopping Festival also features many traditional Souks as well as the offering of marine related hand crafts. If that wasn’t enough, you can also enjoy the traditional food while you take in a falconry show, a camel caravan, a parachuting show, as well as shipbuilding and desert life exhibitions.

With so many amazing cultural exhibits to be found in the area of Al Shindagha, it’s no wonder so many people flock to the area during special events.

The video below takes you on a drive through the Al Shindagha district & tunnel at night, while you'll find more videos on the area at the Youtube channel.

You'll find the Al Shindagha neighbourhood of Dubai in the centre of the city, with borders to Port Rashid on its west side, and Bur Dubai to its south.

From 1912 to 1958 the area played host to the home of the ruler of Dubai for that period - H.H Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum. Visitors to the area can get to see how the sheikh lived on a visit to his home which is now open as a museum.

The image to the right of Saeed Al Maktoum House is supplied courtesy of the Wikipedia article on Al Shindagha.

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Saeed Al Maktoum House - Al-Shindagha
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