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Exploring Local Transport Options In Dubai - How To Get Around The City
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Dubai Attractions
If you're visiting Dubai you're going to want to know the different ways to get around the city and surrounding regions. There are plenty of options, with many of them becoming attractions in their own right.

Guide to Dubai's Public Transport systems

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To oversee the need for municipal traffic solutions, Dubai introduced the Dubai Transport in 1998. In 2006, this system was restructured into what is now known as the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). The RTA oversees such projects as the Bus system, Taxi services, the Dubai Metro, Trams, and Ports and Water travel.

With a wide selection of transportation options, Dubai continues to move forward in providing its residents and visitors with the best transportation system possible. Here we are going to take look at the different ways you will be able to get around and enjoy everything that Dubai has to offer.

The Public Transport Bus Network

Serving over 300,000 passengers a day and covering over 4,110 square kilometers within the Emirate of Dubai, the Public Bus Transport system has been steadily improving since 2008. Adding many up to date and modern buses with a total passenger capacity of 61 - 51 seats and room for 10 standing passengers - the RTA is always looking to improve on an already vital means of transportation for many of Dubai’s residents and visitors.

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The Dubai Taxi Corporation is a public transport company that provides taxi services in Dubai 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Originally founded in 1995, the Dubai Taxi Corporation also works with third party companies and subsidiaries to provide top of the line transportation services in Dubai. They are able to accomplish this with a fleet of over 3,800 vehicles that offer top of the line safety features, the latest satellite tracking equipment, and extremely professional and friendly drivers.

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The Dubai Metro

A driverless rapid transit system that has been in partial operation since 2009, the Dubai Metro offers access to some of the most sought after sights in Dubai, including its many luxury hotels and shopping malls.

Traveling a distance of 75-kilometers, the Dubai Metro has been declared the world’s longest fully automated metro network by the Guinness Book Of World Records.

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The Tramway

Set to be fully operational by late 2014, the Al Sufouh Tramway will run 14.5 kilometers and stretch from Dubai Marina to the Burj Al Arab. It is set to interchange with three stations if the Dubai Metro’s Red Line and connect with monorail of the Palm Jumeirah at the entrance of the Palm from Sufouh Road.

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Car Rental

It is possible to hire an economy car in Dubai for as little as £10 ($16) per day. A minivan with plenty of room will set you back around £53 per day and there are several options for tourists and visitors to have compact, intermediate, standard, full size or van hire. All the major international car hire operators can be found in Dubai. You will see many of them located at all the major airports, ports and city centre branches.

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As you can see, when it comes to getting around in Dubai, there is no shortage of options for enjoying all of the great sites and attractions on offer. From bus and taxi tours to an exciting run on the Dubai Metro, Dubai has connections to all types of transportation to meet your personal, business, and family needs.

The Dubai Abra Water Taxi

With the Dubai Metro, Public Transport Buses, Land Taxis, and Tramways, Dubai has one of the best public transportation infrastructures in the world, and it continues to grow and improve at a rapid pace.

But even with all of this, one of Dubai’s oldest forms of transportation is still one of the cheapest and most popular ways to get around the different areas of Dubai, the abra.

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With all of the progress that Dubai has seen over the past few decades, the need for a growing transportation infrastructure has never been more important than now. Not only to accommodate the millions of locals, but to also serve the millions of people that will be visiting Dubai's tourist attractions in coming years, not to mention the huge influx that will be expected for the 2020 World Expo.

Since Dubai is leading the way in global business connectivity, the number of people that relocate to call Dubai home is growing daily too.

The fact that Dubai is seen as a top tourist destination, with its mixture of historically rich locations and modern attractions that are also family friendly, the need for a solid transportation infrastructure is also a must for the continued economic success that the Emirate has seen in the tourism and services sectors.

On this page we'll look at the different ways to get around in Dubai - the bus network, car hire, the tramway, metro, and boat transport too.
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The video below was created to give Expats an overview of Dubai's transport systems, but it's equally valuable for the tourist visitor too. There are a number of other transport related videos on Youtube too.
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