Water Abras - Public Transport In Dubai

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Exploring Local Transport Options In Dubai - The Dubai Creek Abra Water Taxi
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If you're looking for a more romantic form of public transport, then look no further than an Abra ride on Dubai Creek. Offering a perfect way for getting some great tourist sights of the Creek districts, the Abra offers a cheap and different way to get from A to B.

Exploring Local Transport - The Dubai Creek Abra

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Tourists will especially like the old oar powered abras when traveling around the area. The old style feel of a traditional abra will fit perfectly with the experience of visiting some of Dubai’s older cultural tourist attractions.

Motorized abras are the water taxis of choice for most locals for transportation during their work commutes today. With many stops to various locations all along Dubai Creek, main points for the water taxis are located near the Textile Souk  (or HSBC Building) in Bur Dubai, and the Gold Souk (near the Rivoli Building) in Deira. There is also a Tourist Information Counter near the Bur Dubai Abra Station.

Today’s most recent abras are a mixture of traditional transportation and 21st century comfort. From air conditioning and first class style seating, to LCD televisions, today’s abras, or luxury catamarans, let you get around Dubai in style. Also another perfect option for tourist wanting to see the sights of Dubai in modern comforts.

Here are some of the best stations to catch a ride on one the luxury taxis.

•  Al Mamzar
•  Al Sabkha
•  Baniyas Square
•  Al Shindagha
•  Bur Dubai
•  Dubai Creek Park
•  Jumeirah Open Beach
•  Jumeirah Beach Park
•  Jumeirah Beach Hotel
•  Dubai Marina
•  Atlantis Hotel

With the RTA (Road and Transport Authority) having first launched a wider range of water taxis in 2010, this form of transportation has continued to grow rapidly. Especially from a tourism aspect as Dubai has grown to become a widely sought after vacation destination.

While most of the RTA’s water taxis are motor driven, Dubai, looking to continue its efforts in becoming more ‘green’ and environmentaly friendly, is currently looking into solar powered abras.

So whether it’s in a traditional oar powered traditional abra, or a motorized luxury water taxi, Dubai offers you the choice of getting around Dubai the old fashioned way, by water.

The video below is a nicely shot one with some great images of Abras on Dubai Creek, for more videos you can visit the Youtube Dubai Abra channel.

Abra Water Taxis On Dubai Creek
With the Dubai Metro, Public Transport Buses, Land Taxis, and Tramways, Dubai has one of the best public transportation infrastructures in the world, and it continues to grow and improve at a rapid pace.

But even with all of this, one of Dubai’s oldest forms of transportation is still one of the cheapest and most popular ways to get around the different areas of Dubai, the abra.

An abra is a traditional wooden boat that has been used for centuries in the region. A main way for the regions pearl divers and traders of old to travel from one side of Dubai Creek to the other, abras have remained a popular form of transportation for locals and tourists alike.

Read more on the Abra Water Taxis.....
This video will give you a good feeling for the experience you'll get from riding an Abra - from boarding to off boarding on a trip across the Creek.
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