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Dubai Attractions

Exploring Dubai's Attractions - Outside Dubai - Desert & Mountains

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On your visit to Dubai you'll have a wide choice of attractions to enjoy, but don't miss out on a trip outside the city where the desert and mountains are an enticing alternative to the city sights.
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This video to the right takes you on a 4x4 ride across the dunes...
Other districts of Dubai to note include:

•  The Bastakiya Quarter

•  Deira

•  Bur Dubai

•  Dubai Creek

•  Sheikh Zayed Road & Downtown

•  Jumeirah

•  Al Shindagha

To the west, the beautiful white desert gives way to the Hajar Mountains which run alongside Dubai’s border with Oman.

The highest rang in Arabia, rising to about 2,500-meters in some places, the Hajar Mountains are a great escape for tourist wanting to experience the beautiful natural surroundings of the region. Depending on the altitude, hikers are sure to run across many different types of woodland. From shrub land, to olive and fig trees, and fruit trees that produce pomegranates and apricots, the Hajar Mountains provide a wondrous trek of mountain views and local plant life.

Also within the Hajar Mountain area is the Hatta Mountain region. An enclave of the Emirate of Dubai, Hatta is about 115 kilometers east of Dubai City. With its milder climate, Hatta is a very popular vacation spot.

The surrounding desert and wondrous mountain ranges provide a wonderful getaway into the natural surroundings of Dubai. Riding a 4x4 on the dunes or  enjoying a hike through the mountains are obvious attractions, but visitors can also visit interesting historic site such as the Hatta Fort while staying at the stylish Hatta Fort Hotel. Golf, archery, and falconry are all on the menu for adventurous types, while there are plenty of opportunities for gentle relaxation too.

The video below shows will give you a good idea of what you'll get from some of these activities.

With Dubai transforming itself into a global hub for such things as technology, business, and tourism over the last few decades, the mystical beauty that is the Arabian Desert, and the surrounding mountains and valleys that border it, can not be overlooked.

Situated in the middle of the Arabian Desert, Dubai’s desert landscape consists of fine white sand that is made up mostly  of  crushed shell and coral.

Further to the east though, desert dunes grow larger and are made red with iron oxide. This area is also popular for such activities as dune bashing and sand boarding.

A little further south one can find the monster dune known as Big Red. Getting its color, and name, due to a high iron oxide content, Big Red is a natural 300 foot high sand dune located about 30 minutes south of Dubai.