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For more great images of the Dubai Museum, Google's image search is worth a look.
For detailed info you can visit the official museum page on the Dubaiculture.ae website. Plus of course Youtube has a number of museum videos.

The video to the left takes you on a tour through the museum, revealing some fascinating images of what you can expect to see on a visit..
Take a trip into the past to understand the current day Dubai experience. The Dubai Museum offers a first hand look into the rich and storied history of the region.
Visiting the Dubai Museum will give you a glimpse into Dubai’s rich history, from the centuries before the discovery of oil to the present.

When talking about the Museum, it's worth taking a moment to realise how its location fits in properly with the storied history within it.

Read more further below.....

The image of Al Fahidi Fort to the left is supplied courtesy of Wikipedia.
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Located in one of the oldest residential areas in Dubai known as the Bastakia Quarter, the Dubai Museum is also housed in the oldest known building in Dubai, the Al Fahidi Fort. Built around 1787, the Al Fahidi Fort stood to guard the town against raids from surrounding tribes. At times the Fort was also used as the Ruler’s palace.

The museum was opened in 1971 by the ruler of Dubai, with the purpose of preserving and presenting Dubai’s rich and versatile history. As you enter you can’t help but notice the coral and shells that the museum walls are built from.

One of the first displays you see when you enter the Dubai Museum is the video room. This room airs a video that will take you on a visual journey of pre-oil Dubai to the present. Below the video is a map that will show you Dubai’s urban expansion as well as its overall growth that is in synch with the timeline of the video.

The museum also offers life size dioramas that give you the feel of strolling through a historical bustling souk. From setting foot on a traditional dhow and moving through shops that are filled with workers and buyers, the realistic sounds and life size videos of craftsmen at work will take you back in time.

Also featured are the maps and boats associated with Dubai’s history of pearl trading and the regions it has done business with for centuries.

For the military historian, the Dubai Museum also offers a military section. This section features everything from daggers and spears, to bows and arrows, and gives you a look into the conflicts of the times as Dubai was a bustling trading port.

You can not miss the largest diorama of all while at the Dubai Museum either. This diorama will take you through the scene of building a traditional dhow, to the equipment the sailors of the day relied upon. Detailed scenes of specific species of marine life are also included.

The things mentioned so far are just a small example of the wide array of sights and artifacts that the Dubai Museum has to offer. With exhibits of musical instruments, wind towers, and excavated sites including tombs, it truly brings Dubai’s wonderful and rich history to life and acts as a perfect foil for understanding the background behind the wider developments in Dubai over recent years.

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Dubai Museum - Al Fahidi Fort