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Dubai Attractions
Exploring the list of the best tourist attractions that Dubai has to offer
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The attractions in Dubai rival - and often surpass - those of other major tourist and business destinations throughout the world. In the build up to the World Expo of 2020, Dubai is positioned to be the place to go to for millions of tourist and business visitors.

In fact, the Emirate has recently been named as one of the top three 'most dynamic' cities in the world, and with good cause. It sits up there at the top of a list with cities such as London and San Francisco. The list of top 10 Dubai attractions is enough on its own to whet the appetite for a visit:
•  The Burj Khalifa
•  The Dubai Fountains

•  Burj Al Arab (Tower of the Arabs)

•  The Palm Jumeirah

•  Madinat Jumeirah

•  The Walk at JBR

•  The Bastakiya Quarter

•  Wild Wadi Water Park

•  Deira Souks - Spice Souk   Gold Souk

•  The Dubai Mall
I said the list of the top ten attractions. But of course that's my list of the Dubai top ten. Depending on your own personal likes it might be that you feel the list should include others. The ten I've highlighted above just scratches the surface. There are dozens more - some already well known, some lesser known, others planned for development in coming years. Riding up Big Red is just one. The Atlantis Hotel at the tip of the Palm is another. Shopping in Dubai offers an interesting diversion from days on the beach or those high adrenalin adventure activities.

From the world of culture and religion there are two mosques which are a magnet for visitors - the Grand Mosque and Jumeirah Mosque. And if you had to choose between a winter fun destination and a 'warm weather and sunshine' one - then you do not have to miss out on a dose of good snow-filled excitement. Ski Dubai is just the place for that. There's plenty on offer for sun lovers of course, with Jumeirah beach providing white sand and palm trees.

And these man made attractions are not all that Dubai has to offer either. Get a true feeling of olden times in a visit to the Museum, while venturing outside the city will open your eyes to a land where beauty lies at every turn - the desert and its own attractions with towering dunes and rock strewn landscapes, the shores of the Arabian Sea, and the mountain peaks of the interior. Adventure tours are a super way to experience these natural sights....but if you want to visit Dubai, where do you start?.........